3 Steps for a Successful month in your business

Welcome to Early Summer…!

As we begin the month of May allow me to encourage a bit of preparation as you start into it.

3 simple steps…. referring to this month but please use them for each and every month as you pass through them.

1 – Review

2 – Reward

3 – Reset

Review –

How did April went for you.

What did it look and feel like?

What were 3 things you want to celebrate?

Write them down – say them out loud with pride.

What are 3 things you learnt in April that you can carry through to now?


As a business owner, it is so important to reward ourselves because guess what…most likely no one else is going to do it for us.

When you are your own boss, if you don’t say well done, who else will?

Say it – feel it – and treat yourself for that thing. 

It does not have to be big – can be as simple as 15minutes sitting in your favourite chair and just smiling to yourself relishing in what you have accomplished.

Do not underestimate the power of this one!


New month – what do you want to make happen?

Take a few minutes to get clear on your intentions.

Without clarity and focus, we will just wander through the month and time will just be absorbed in whatever stuff comes up day to day.

But you the successful business owner, looking to create higher levels for yourself and your business, wants more.

So what would you love to have accomplished by the end of the month?

What do you want to jump up for joy that has happened as a result of your focus?

Decide what that is – Write it down – Say it out loud – Declare it. 

Now – what is one thing you can do Today that will bring that intention into action?

I hope you find my tips useful to you.

These are elements that become foundational for the success of both myself and my clients.

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Yours truly,


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